Zadar,  Croatia

26 – 29  May,  2004.



The “chat of rising sun”: the virtual romantic environment?


R. Gentile, N. Presti, P. Moderato, F. Tanieli

E-Pshych Group

Department of Psychology, University of Parma, Italy



Is the virtual digital environment the setting of  a new way to fall in love?

The topic of our research is to observe how a “romantic feeling behavior” can arise from the digital setting, and why it happens, or it is possible.

The digital setting is a special kind of environment; very different from the one we know. There is non voice, no face, no time, no smell, no handwriting, no eyes, no sounds of speech, no tune of voice, no touch. Only write, typed, words on a sceen and a lot of emoticons exercises.

Do the words, only phrases, drive to love? Why not. But why?

Our research was designed to try to understand what works on. Is the setting it self or the aspectative of the subject ? What emerge from words? What I “see” from words ? And what I do. Can autoclitcs help us to understand what appens?

May be, we still don’t know.



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