Daniele Ferretti

Associate Professor of Structural Engineering
(Professore Associato di Tecnica delle Costruzioni)
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Universita' di Parma
Viale Usberti, 181/A
43100 Parma - Italy
tel. +39 0521 905943 or 905923
fax +39 0521 905924


Brief Curriculum Vitae
  • Engineering Degree (Laurea cum laude ) in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Torino, I) in 1992
  • Doctoral Degree (Dottorato) in Structural Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (Torino, I) in 1996 discussing a thesis entitled "Short term deformability of reinforced concrete beams"
  • Postdoctoral research fellow in Structural Engineering at Politecnico di Torino in 1996
  • Assistant Professor of Structural Mechanics at Universita' di Parma since 1997
  • Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University (IL, USA) during fall 2000
  • Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics at Universita' di Parma - Faculty of Architecture - since 2004
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Main Research Activities
  • Non-linear analysis and stability of reinforced concrete frames
  • Serviceability behavior of reinforced concrete beams (tension-stiffening, moment-curvature relationship, cracking moment, crack width)
  • Ductility of RC beams (minimum reinforcement, crushing of compressed concrete, ultimate rotation)
  • Behavior of RC structures strengthened by FRP glued plates (bond-slip relationship, peeling cracks)
  • Stability of ancient masonry towers (size effect, diffusion of humidity, creep, carbonation)
  • Finite element analysis of ancient masonry structures (effects of creep and temperature)
  • Experimental study of quasi brittle materials (concrete, marble, masonry) by means of interferometric techniques (ESPI, speckle photography, laser holography, geometric moire')
  • Self compacting concrete realized with steel slags (mix design, mechanical properties)
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Some Recent Publications
  • Ferretti D., Iori I., Morini M. (2002), " La stabilita`delle strutture: il caso delle costruzioni in cemento armato", McGraw-Hill Italia.
  • Ferretti, D., Bažant, Z.P. (2006) , "Stability of ancient masonry towers: Moisture diffusion, carbonation and size effect", Cement and Concrete Research 36 (7), pp. 1379-1388.
  • Ferretti, D., Bažant, Z.P. (2006) , "Stability of ancient masonry towers: Stress redistribution due to drying, carbonation, and creep ", Cement and Concrete Research 36 (7), pp. 1389-1398
  • Beeby, A.W., Ålander, C., Cairns, J., Eligehausen, R., Mayer, U., Lettow, S., Ferretti, D., (...), Tastani, S. (2005) "The influence of the parameter φ/ρeff on crack widths", Structural Concrete 6 (4), pp. 155-165
  • Fantilli, A.P., Ferretti, D., Rosati, G. (2005) "Effect of bar diameter on the behavior of lightly reinforced concrete beams", Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 17 (1), pp. 10-18
  • Ferretti D., Savoia M. (2002), "Cracking evolution in R/C tensile members strengthened by FRP-plates", Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2003, 70, 1069-1083.
  • Fantilli, A.P., Ferretti, D., Iori, I., Vallini, P. (2002) "Mechanical model for failure of compressed concrete in reinforced concrete beams ", Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 128, 5, 637-645.
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Structural engineering
  • Structural analysis of piers and domes of the French Pantheon", (Paris, France)
  • Structural analysis of the Adolphe Bridge(Luxembourg)
  • Seismic analysis of some historic masonry schools (Parma, Italy)
  • Seismic analysis of the "Patio de los Leones" of the Alhambra (Granada, Spain)
  • Seismic analysis of the "Petruzzelli Teather" (Bari, Italy)
  • Structural analysis of an ancient adobe dome(Nisa, Turkmenistan)
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Last revised March 3 2007