Alessandro Dal Palù
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I received my Laurea (Master degree) in Computer Science on 2002 from the University of Verona (Italy) and my PhD in Computer Science on 2006 from the University of Udine with a thesis entitled "Constraint Programming Approaches to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem".

I am currently enrolled as Assistant Professor at the University of Parma (since 2005).

Research interests:

Active projects (last update Feb 2014):

Since my PhD studies I've always been attracted by applications of logic programming to real world cases, where the elegance of the theory has to cope with computational issues related to the large instances coming from various domains. In particular, I worked on protein structure prediction problems and recently I embraced the new parallel GPU architecture and applied it to the study of parallel ASP and constraint solving.

Since 2005 I've been in the PC and/or chair of the WCB workshops series (colocated to ICLP, CP and CPAIOR) aimed at the diffusion of experiences on application of Constraint (Logic) Programming based on bioinformatics problems. In 2012 and starting again this year, I've been co-editor of the thematic series on Constraints and Bioinformatics for the AMB Journal. I've been in the PC of ICLP08-11-12, IJCAI11, publicity chair of ICLP08, Doctoral Consortium co-chair for ICLP10-11, and in the PC of italian conferences on Logic programming (CILC08--14, RCRA 13-14). I've been part of italian grants (GNCS and MIUR) centered on logic programming and in 2011 I was the project coordinator of a GNCS grant for the application of GPU to the parallelization of logic programs. Since 2013 I am in the executive committee of the Italian association of Logic Programming (GULP)

I would like to mention a few words about my committment and some ideas I would like to carry on. I believe that applications represent an important stimulus for the community, a source of new theoretical problems and, at the same time, the mean to spread our efforts outside our community. During my (short) experience, I've seen the potential and the effectiveness of applications based on computational logics and I would promote its hybridization with applicative areas (bioinformatics, chemistry etc). Moreover the challenges of recent parallel architectures (GPU video cards) may offer new computational capabilities that could have an impact on real-world applications.